Nickname: Valdemar Makarov Date of birth: 1957-2017 Date of Death: 2017 Age:47 Status: Deceased


Pre Alpha Scav


Scavs (or Scavengers) are Tarkov locals who stayed behind despite the conflict, looking to improve their fortunes by any means, even at the expense of others. There are many different groups that control Tarkov with unseen borders.

In game, Scavs can be either AI controlled characters or other players. The AI Scavs will try to attack players based on how much noise they make. Scavs will also drop their equipment when killed which then can be looted and used by players or sold to merchants. Gamer

When the player chooses to play as a Scav, his/her equipment, health condition, skills and appearance are randomly generated. The Scav characters can not be transferred. Each Scav character is expended after a single mission, but if the character survives, the gear is retrieved to the stash. The cool down for playing as a Scav is once every 20 minutes.

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