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Тakeover or defense? 

A few days ago our editorial staff was approached by the employees of the port area enterprises. According to them, something mysterious is going on in our port: over the past week, mobile security checkpoints have sprung throughout the territory like mushrooms after a spring rain, employees are getting checked for papers every now and then, additional security cameras are getting installed - along with some sort of sensors and other high-tech security and control means. Numerous staff of the Tiger private security agency, who were hired to guard the premises around two years ago, now roam far and wide as never before. Dock workers have already nicknamed them "convoys" and "prison guards". 

We have decided to personally look into the reasons of Tarkov port administration’s sudden preoccupation with reinforcing of the security measures. Turned out, it was not so simple - the port authorities unabashedly responded that no extra measures had been taken, morose "Tigers" refused any contact, and the owner of the security company outright dodged all the questions on the pretext of being too busy.  In connection with these events, the story we published in our paper last week naturally comes to mind: briefly going back to it, a strange rumor has spread among the night shift workers of the Bay 5 about some men clad in black disembarking from inflatable boats in the vicinity of the Terminal for two nights straight. However, this rumor was not confirmed in any way, and everybody thought that was just a joke of somebody’s imagination, fueled with excessive drinking. 

But shouldn’t we take a closer look instead at the owner of that very PSA, Mr. Korban? Who is, by the way, also the managing director of the Mortorg company, which owns a quarter of the port premises, as well as electrical wiring and equipment, and runs one third of its turnover. Who knows, maybe Mr. Korban has just decided to expand his business in such an unsophisticated way?


"A New Player - a Winning Bet?"

The Norvinsk Port Enterprise Bulletin
Norvinskport eng.thumb.jpg.f13fbdbb4f744b283e0ae514c11d0ea1
Norvinskport eng2.png.6c1656496bdae09227d4d0086231d82f
"Just a while ago we have learned that our port will become a home to a branch office of the Paradigm Shipping transport and logistics company. A shiny new banner already outshines the faded decals of competitors, and renewed interiors of the offices are a source of jealousy to the rest of the managers. So, let's make the introductions..." Tarkov city, Russia, Port Authority






Four policemen were killed and two were wounded in an attack on the Tarkov Police Division No.7

Image 2016-10-10 17-20-41.thumb.png.bf3e593d20b4c5c3c6065c303fcbbc2a






"Building Castles In The Sky..."


Yesterday the Norvinsk regional Ministry of Construction and Housing held a working session with directors of development and contractor companies.

Image 2016-10-14 13-43-11.thumb.png.6cd5db30fb17cb9187ff8126253892a0






On the occasion of establishment in Tarkov of the Russian Regional Office of TerraGroupLabs, our magazine has interviewed the Regional Director of the company, Evgeny Anatolievich Kovtun.

SL: Hello, Evgeny Anatolievich. Thank you for consenting to this interview. To begin with, could you please tell about TerraGroupLabs in more detail?

EK: Hello. Yes, surely. TerraGroupLabs is a research company. We are engaged in a wide range of research and experimental works. But that is not the most important thing, because among other activities we profoundly engage in the practice of issuing grants to groups of independent researchers, discover and support promising projects.

SL: And what incentivized such a distinguished in the scientific community company to open its office exactly in Tarkov?

EK: Well, first of all - in Russia. I think the readers of your magazine do not need another explanation of the scientific potential of the country, so there is nothing surprising about this. Tarkov was chosen exclusively because of its special economic zone and the benefits associated with it.

SL: How do you feel about the fact that your company's “foreign agent" status can cause some doubts regarding the purity of its intentions in development of the Russian science?

EK: What do you mean?

SL: You could be suspected in talent poaching and foreign enticement of the promising projects.

EK: It's just an empty talk. Seeing an enemy in every foreign company leads to isolation from any investments. Of course, we not only scientific, but also a commercial organization, and we expect an adequate return on investments, but it doesn't matter whether we get it in Russia or in the United States. Idea is a unique product, it does not disappear from sharing.

SL: In case of sharing. And if not?

EK: And again, I don't understand you...

SL: Oh well, lets put this extensive topic aside. Could you explain the grant application and awarding procedure? Who makes the decisions?

EK: There is a Special Commission, consisting of multiple stages, starting with regional level and, in the case of special status or special financing, all the way to the headquarters.

Image 2016-10-18 00-22-38.thumb.png.5a5dddd8cd173687087a606a676b5b9d

SL: Is the choice of candidates by the Commission guided by exclusively scientific interests, or, as mentioned above, financial as well?

EK: Purely scientific, but potentially profitable in the long term.

SL: However, it is known that among those who received grants from TerraGroupLabs there are such people as Rector of the Tarkov University, head executives of some major businesses and even a Deputy Minister. Can you please comment on this? Are those scientific or financial interests of your company?

EK: Our activities are legal, transparent and focus exclusively on the development and promotion of science in the country - and that's all I’d like to tell you. And now, my apologies...

Unfortunately, Evgeniy Anatolevich appealed to busy schedule and interrupted the interview, leaving the questions we would like to ask unanswered. The conclusions are yours to make, dear readers. This is the way of science.


[ TARBank and OJSC Polikhim Limited Signed the Merger Agreement
story from the business magazine]

Parties of the TARBank and OJSC Polikhim Limited asset consolidation dead have reached the final agreement on the merger stages and deadlines for their administration.

According to the representatives of the parties, a framework contract was recently signed and the merger is now officially announced. As was stated earlier, the united entity will be called TBP Holding, while both parties retain the right to continue independent operation under their own brands. The shares in the joint venture remain the same as previously approved by the TARBank Executive Board.

As we have informed, after the bankruptcy of the Chemical Factory No.16 in 2010, TARBank has settled the debts of the enterprise and reorganized it under the brand name of OJSC Polikhim Limited. Thus, the ongoing merger is virtually just the final stage of creating a united company.

Image 2016-10-25 02-23-09.thumb.png.fce063c582fecf0c72a9b96515a1e896

In prospect, the holding plans to arrange a number of other takeovers, with due negotiations currently underway with concerned companies.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the TARBank Board Peter Lesicky, the TBP holding is meant to promote and ensure the support and development of essential industries both in the Norvinsk region and in the other regions of the country.



TARKOV GAZETTE Criminal The investigative committee of the Tarkov Western District is still inquiring into the murder of a man whose body was found in the forest strip adjacent to the Neva-4 summer housing community.





Yesterday, January 15, a firefight between two undetermined parties broke out in the abandoned construction site on 5th Rabochaya street.

Based on surveillance camera recordings from the warehouse adjacent to the abandoned building, about eight o'clock in the evening a certain man in a dark coat entered it with a duffle bag in his hands. Another man, in a dark jacket, arrived about 15 minutes later.

After a while, the quiet building exploded with sounds of numerous gunshots. In total, the firefight lasted for about half an hour.

Police officers, called by the warehouse watchman, promptly arrived at the scene, but the timing has narrowly failed them, and gunmen escaped.

The investigation reported discovering numerous cartridge cases, as well as traces of blood, but neither weapons, nor injured persons were found in the building.

An investigation is underway.     


Leaked FSB operative report


We’ve received a tip that hitman going by the name of Sedoi (“grey-haired”) arrived to Tarkov from Kemerovo three days ago. The source claims to have had no personal contacts with Sedoi, but characterizes his reputation as “experienced”, “dangerous”, “failsafe”. The Kemerovo Directorate replied to our inquiry that they are aware of the nickname, but failed to establish the identity behind it.

According to the source, there is a rumour that Sedoi has arrived with objective to neutralize a certain individual nicknamed as Austrian, who has also appeared in Tarkov several days ago with unknown purpose - allegedly, however, also a “cleaner” hired by foreign commercial entities.

Thus, I reckon it would be safe to assume that we can make a direct correlation between this info and yesterday night shootout in the construction site on 5th Rabochaya St.

At this moment, according to the witness (a night watchman of the warehouse nearby) we know that around 2 a.m the building was entered by a man in a dark coat, and 15 minutes later, through the same doorway - by a man in a dark jacket. Some time afterwards, a gunfire has been heard from the building, continuing for about 15 to 20 minutes. The arriving police task force has failed to apprehend anyone, but discovered numerous pistol cartridge cases and traces of blood. 

Image 2016-10-27 22-38-00.png.e099f5ddea002a06768602d66c0bf466

There is an assumption, backed by the info from our source, that this incident was essentially a “duel of hitmen” of sorts, with Sedoi and Austrian settling their business on the neutral grounds.

Based on this assumption, I suggest transferring this case for further investigation under jurisdiction of the FSB Office of Investigations.


Article from the Soldier magazine August 2011 Issue

In this issue we will continue our series of articles about the modern mercenaries, stories of the largest private armies of today and of their operations. Of course, there are a lot of omissions in these stories, after all, neither mercenaries themselves, nor their employers are very eager to share details of their activities. However, a diligent digging into the topic still brings some results.

This time we’ll turn our attention to USEC, the increasingly notorious private military company. The institution of this company is primarily associated with two names: Brian Kernighan, an American businessman, and John Berger, a retired colonel of the Royal Marines.

Early in his career, Brian Kernighan had nothing to do with the armed forces. Having inherited his father's trucking business, he decided to pursue risky, and therefore profitable direction - hauling goods across the Mexican border through the deserts of the southern states. As Kernighan himself admitted in one of his rare interviews, very soon he realized that he had underestimated the danger. From time to time the trucks have been attacked, and sometimes  disappeared altogether.

Then, Kernighan started hiring armed guards, which allowed him to take more valuable orders and receive higher returns. Over time, the businessman realized that in this line of work it makes more sense to run a security detail of your own instead of paying someone else. That is how the company came to employ the professional mercenaries, and run a fleet of armored vehicles. Consecutively, the number of clients who required support services rather than transportation also increased over time. That’s when Kernighan knew it was time to change the line of work.

However, as an experienced businessman, Kernighan quickly realized that he won’t go far without experience of managing military personnel. Hence, he decides to establish his new business on the already existing foundation by acquiring the Red Bird company of George Steiner. Thus came into existence KerniSEC, one of the future halves of USEC.

Soldier mag 1.thumb.jpg.824712eb2f846767688b629c3e299c5e

There is little known about George Steiner - he is a Brigadier General of the United States Army (Ret.), a veteran of the Gulf war, now Member of the Board and COO of USEC. Steiner became the co-owner of the Red Bird private military company after retirement in 1994 by the invitation of an old friend and colleague. The company used to compete pretty well with other PMCs for a while, but after the death of its founder it went under Steiner’s full control. As it turned out, he may have been a good officer, but nothing above mediocre as a businessman, and soon enough the Red Bird went into decline that allowed Kernigan to purchase it for more than a reasonable price, considering its enlisted manning, vehicle fleet and training grounds.

The second significant figure in the USEC foundation history is an old limey John Berger, British Royal Marines Colonel ret., also a veteran of the Gulf war, and a holder of several decorations. A few years ago John Berger gave an extensive interview to our colleagues from the popular British military media, so his biography is known pretty well - provided, of course, that we believe Colonel’s story.

After retirement in 1994, the veteran active duty officer got bored quickly. Once, a former fellow told him in the pub talk that he has been hiring himself out for two years as an escort to the British ships passing the waters of Somalia. Easy and decently paid job. It didn’t take long for Berger to make a decision.

However, Colonel was less fortunate than his friend: the ship was attacked on the first voyage, and Berger, armed with a revolver only, has failed to repel the attack.

Nevertheless, this failure have only spurred Berger. On return to UK, he was once again employed as an escort, but this time in the company of several retired officers and with much better equipment.

Fate challenges Berger yet again, and pirates attack the ship this time as well, but this time he was ready, and the attack was repelled. Returning home, he immediately creates the Safe Sea maritime transport paramilitary escort company, a future second half of the USEC.

The rapid rise of the Safe Sea is closely linked to another intriguing person: a former British civil servant and USEC current Head of Business Development, a shadow director on the company's Board - Ronald Henry Hunt. Berger himself describes their acquaintance as a purely accidental one, happening in 1998 on a sea cruise.

Anyway, the contact was fruitful one - right after this the Safe Sea scored a profitable government contract, then another one and so on. A year later, Hunt quit public service and became Berger’s companion.

Soldier mag 2.thumb.jpg.e91b8b2123dce1a95ffa59e87a07cbc2

According to rumors, it was Ronald Hunt who persuaded Berger that the company needs to move on to the new, international level, and set up the talks about merging with KerniSEC. In any case, the negotiations were successful, leading to establishment of the USEC in 1999. Business qualities of Kernighan, combat experience of Steiner, management skills of Berger  diplomatic prowess Hunt turned out a very rewarding combination. The newly formed private military company experienced a rapid rise, backed by credibility of the British Government contracts. Soon enough, USEC were noticed by the Pentagon, looking to staff up a new war with Hussein.

However, in Iraq, USEC was just one of the many PMCs, so figuring out what exactly was its role there is now hardly possible. Anyway, its name was not mentioned in any high-profile scandals, unlike some other private militaries.

A new turn in the company development came in 2007, when USEC commenced close partnership with the major international holding Terra Group. Rumors claimed that such a prominent customer came from an unexpected source - thanks to the contacts of George Steiner, who hasn’t been previously marked as an active side of the company development and preferred to run the military side of business.

However, cooperation with Terra Group has brought the company not only a rapid rise, but a certain degree of notoriety as well. The contracts with holding have more often than not marred USEC with scandals, sometimes international ones, like one in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2009. Usually, such shady stories were associated with certain Gus Van Sant, a former green beret, and now the head of USEC Special Operations Department, who is probably running the non-standard missions of the company.

At the moment USEC has de-facto turned into the in-house guards of the Terra Group holding, with its ambiguous reputation. Time will tell whether the choice Kernighan and Berger have made is a right one, or it's the beginning of the end of the once glorious company. The following month we shall continue our series of articles devoted to the phenomenon of mercenarism, and attempt a deeper study of the history of the issue. Stay tuned.



Operatives of the criminal investigation department were attacked yesterday late in the evening while conducting operational search activities in one of the districts of the city. Two police officers were wounded.


According to the investigation, the CID task force were conducting the operational search  activities related to a previously committed crime.

Around 10 p.m., the operatives arrived at 22 Cheluskintsev St, building 1. Interviewing residents of the apartment building, they have reached apartment 142, which residents, over the course of communication, aroused suspicion of the police.

On request of the officers to enter and examine the lodging, its tenants have replied with sudden fire, gravely wounding two police officers and stunning unconscious two more.

One of the wounded police officers eventually managed to call for backup. According to him, the inhabitants of the apartment, as it turned out, no less than six persons, packed their things and left the premises immediately after the attack.

The scene is being investigated at the moment.

The investigators have refused to share any further details, however, according to insider information, operatives could have stumbled upon a safe flat of some illegal armed formation, as can be judged from the evidence found in the premises.

The wounded police officers are currently in the hospital, their condition is assessed as moderately severy and, according to the head physician, their lives are not in danger.



Lifeguards are searching for the industrial divers gone missing in the port.

Image 2016-12-06 17-28-14.thumb.png.99e41da6e25ca16e5685a261a0474048

According to the press service of Norvinsk regional EMERCOM of Russia, a contact was lost with two industrial divers carrying out underwater repair works at pier #3.

As reported by lifeguards, the port representatives responsible for repairs have called them in a timely manner, immediately after the loss of communication; moreover, the works manager estimated that there was enough oxygen in cylinders to last 30-40 more minutes.

However, swift actions on the emergency site yielded no results - the divers were not found at the designated location of the works, and further search was hindered by low visibility and growing dusk. An hour later, the underwater search operation was suspended until dawn. Nevertheless, the lifeguards went on for three more hours, searching the coastline and coastal industrial equipment, but also to no avail.

This morning the search was continued, but now it can be said with great deal of certainty that divers were killed as a result of a tragedy of some kind, and finding them alive would be a miracle.

The port authorities stated that divers were conducting welding works on strengthening the underwater metal structures, both divers were professionals who had all the necessary documents and certificates for this type of activity, as well as a great diving experience. It was also noted that the management of the works fully complied with all the relevant safety regulations.

In regional investigation committee informed that after the divers or their bodies are discovered, a check will be run to determine the degree of responsibility of concerned parties.

Divers’ names have not been announced.


RUSSIAN FEDERATION                                               Russian Defense Ministry             MINISTRY OF DEFENSE                                To Air and Missile Defense Command of               (RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY)                                                                                                                            Aerospace Defense Force                  HEADQUARTERS                        143954, Moscow region, Balashikha, Severnyi                  OF JOINT                  STRATEGIC                   COMMAND                                              To ADF Commander                  OF WESTERN                                                           Fedotov N.A.                 MILITARY DISTRICT

                       St. Petersburg, 191055

           «28» November 2014 № 5/4/SO41


On November 28, 2014, at 14:43 the ATS (flight control), namely Murmansk ACC, notified the Headquarters of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Western Military Command of the violation of the state border by an unidentified aircraft from the north-east direction.

At 14:45 the shift supervisor has signalled the standby mode. The violation was countered with orders to intercept the intruder by force of duty fighters of 98th Air Regiment.

At 15:08, the unknown aircraft, still without establishing the radio contact, has crossed the border of the Norvinsk air exclusion zone, which was immediately reported to the Commander of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Western Military Command, Major General Shelestov G.V.

At 15:10, the Commander of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Western Military Command has decided to employ weapons on intruding aircraft to terminate the flight by its elimination.

The task was assigned to 1489-th guards anti-aircraft missile regiment of the 2nd Air Defense Division. The mission was carried out by two squads, one of them failing to discover them target. The second squad executed two launches of two missiles each, while the target has performed an evasion maneuver after the first launch.

At 15:37 the target was destroyed. According to the visual observation of the object, its fragments have landed in the vicinity of the city of Tarkov.

Attached to the report: the decrypted call breakdown of the firing squads with the regiment command.

The Chief of Staff Tikhomirov S.V./_


Start of the recording

RC: "Clear to engage. Third, fourth, stand by. The controlled target bearing two twenty-five degrees, leaving by course two thirty-seven with climb..."

Squad 3: Squad 3 ready

Squad 4: Squad 4 ready

RC: Third - aim down target - search. Fourth - aim down target - search.

Squad 4: Fourth tracking the target

RC: Copy that, fourth. Third?

Squad 3: No target

RC: Fourth, range? Third, do you see it?

Squad 4: Range thirty-seven...

Squad 3: No target

RC: Third - no attack, abort mission. Fourth - destroy the target, consumption two. Launch!

Squad 4: Range twenty-nine. First - launch! Range twenty-seven. First - lock, second - launch! Setting to twenty-five. Second - lock. Over.

RC: Aye, observing...

Squad 4: Evasion maneuver!

RC: First detonated. What's up?

Squad 4: Evasion!

RC:  The fuck?! Fourth, do you see the target?

Squad 4: Just a...

RC: Fourth, search, blyat! You see it or not? Report!

Squad 4: Tracking!

RC: Easy now, easy, blyat... Lock it smoothly.

Squad 4: Ready! Range - twelve!

RC: Consumption - two, launch!

Squad 4: Range - ten. First - launch. Range - nine. Second - launch. Range seven, first - lock, second - lock...

RC: Away, away, going good, see them on the display. Got one burst! And second!

Squad 4: Target destroyed!

RC: Fucking awesome then... Okay, okay... Tenth reporting, target has been destroyed. Consumption four. Operated by fourth, no lock on third. The target performed an evasion maneuver.. How copy?

End of record

V- DZ7-qumQ.thumb.jpg.2eccdddd397e9aa4fb5d851699379d3b

            RUSSIAN FEDERATION                                           Russian Defense Ministry             MINISTRY OF DEFENSE                              To Air and Missile Defense Command of               (RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY)                                                                                                                            Aerospace Defense Force                  HEADQUARTERS                        143954, Moscow region, Balashikha, Severnyi                  OF JOINT                  STRATEGIC                   COMMAND                                              To ADF Commander                  OF WESTERN                                                           Fedotov N.A.                 MILITARY DISTRICT

                       St. Petersburg, 191055

           «28» November 2014 № 5/4/SO42


On November 28, 2014, at 17:30, a duty officer of the 333-th radio regiment reported detection of two unidentified targets, characteristics coinciding with those of UAV Predator. One of the targets remained within the neutral airspace, the second took a course to the Tarkov exclusion zone.

The Commander of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Western Military Command decided to withhold fire and track the target to ascertain the intentions of the enemy.

As expected, the UAV headed to the scene of the crash scene of the  aircraft that was shot down earlier today, presumably for the purpose of exploration.

Upon ascertaining the intentions of the enemy, the Commander issued an order to destroy the target. The task was assigned to duty squads of the 1st Air Defense Division, 1489 guards anti-aircraft missile regiment. The mission was carried out by two squads. At 17:53 the target was destroyed.

At 18:10 the report came in that the second UAV have entered the zone on a different level, presumably to replace the downed aircraft. At 18:15, the second target was destroyed as well. According to visual observation, the fragments of both vehicles fell in the crash zone of the downed aircraft.

Attached to the report: decrypted transcript of radio communications between the duty officer of the radio regiment, Commander of the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Western Military Command, regiment command of the 1st Air Defense Division and the operating squads.

The Chief of Staff Tikhomirov S.V./_


Start of the recording

Radar station duty officer: Target bearing two-twelve degrees. Second target hovering in the sector thirty-five-g, level fifty-five.

Commander: Dozor-one, tenth speaking. How copy?

Radar station duty officer: Go ahead, tenth

Commander: Can you give me the target profiles?

Radar station duty officer: Drones, apparently...

Commander: Track the course of the first for me. Fifteenth...

1st Division RC: Go ahead, tenth...

Commander: Get two squads ready. Fire on my command only. Dozor-one?

Radar station duty officer: Heading South-East, South-South. Going to the place where previous one crashed.

Commander: Follow...

RC: Squads ready.

Commander: Wait for it... Dozor-one?

Radar station duty officer: Confirmed, tenth, exactly there. Nearing the crash zone.

Commander: Okay ... Shoot it to shit

RC: First, second - aim down target - search.

Squad 1: First tracking the target

Squad 2: Second tracking the target

RC: Copy that. First squad - destroy the target, consumption two.

Squad 1: Range twenty-five. First - launch! Range twenty-three. First - lock, second - launch! Twenty one. Second - lock. First - burst, second - burst. Target destroyed.

RC: Copy that. Confirmed.

Commander: Good. Maintain condition one.

Radar station duty officer: Second target entering the zone.

Commander: Fifteenth, how copy?

RC: Go ahead, tenth

Commander: Track and shoot them on approach to the crash site. Let them know they are not getting shit there.

RC: Understood. First, second - aim down target - search. Second squad operates, consumption two.

Squad 1: First tracking the target

Squad 2: Second tracking the target

RC: Second - destroy the target

Squad 2: Copy that. Range twenty-three. First - launch! Range twenty-one. First - lock, second - launch! Range eighteen. Second - lock.

RC: Missiles away... Got one burst

Squad 2: Target destroyed.

Commander: Okay...

End of record