Cigarettes are a barter item that can be exchanged with traders.

Brand Weight Grid
Price Rarity Spawn
EffectFlavor Text
Apollon Soyuz 0.1 kg 1x1 ₽ 200 Common 50% NoneApollon Soyuz cigarettes will take
you to the stars . . . from coughing
when you inhale them.
Malboro 0.1 kg 1x1 ₽ 300 Common 40% None Malboro cigarettes are a big hit
with the better-off part of the
local smoking populace.
Strike 0.1 kg 1x1 ₽ 350 Common 30% None Strike cigarettes are popular with
traders, who often keep them for
their personal use.
Wilston 0.1 kg 1x1 ₽ 500 Common 15% None The image of a typical street punk
would not be complete without
a pack of Wilston cigarettes.